Newsletters updated 13Nov2024

     Newsletters can be viewed as web pages by clicking the issue; these have a contents column with links to jump to item pages. Or as a PDF document in a new window by clicking PDF; this is in a similar format as the paper version of the newsletter and can be saved or printed. Close the document window to return here.
     Red hunters are links to jump to the top of a page; they may not work in some pages in some web browsers.
     Chris Farara created newsletter content Indexes containing around 600 items; I have added links to the newsletter numbers so that the web page for an item can be displayed almost instantly by clicking the newsletter number.
     Click one of the links below to display an index page; to return to the Index from an item click the browser back arrow or press keys Alt+LeftArrow. If PDF is clicked a PDF version of the index is displayed in a new window/tab (better for printing but no links). Events 2003-2017 is a more complete list of events created by Frank Rainsborough from the Programmes as PDF, no links.
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2024 Issue 68 Spring  PDF

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Issue 67 Winter  PDF
 Issue 63 Spring  PDF  Issue 64 Summer  PDF
Issue 65 Winter  PDF
 Issue 59 Spring  PDF  Issue 60 Summer  PDF Issue 61 Autumn  PDF  Issue 62 Winter  PDF
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 2019  Issue 53 Spring  PDF  Issue 54 Summer  PDF
 Issue 55 Winter  PDF
 Issue 50 Spring  PDF
 Issue 51 Summer  PDF  
 Issue 52 Winter  PDF
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 Issue 49 Winter  PDF
 Issue 44 Spring  PDF
 Issue 45 Summer  PDF
 Issue 46 Winter  PDF
 Issue 41 Spring  PDF  Issue 42 Summer  PDF
 Issue 43 Winter  PDF
 Issue 38 Spring  PDF  Issue 39 Summer  PDF  Issue 40 Autumn PDF
 Issue 35 Spring  PDF  Issue 36 Summer  PDF
 Issue 37 Winter  PDF

 Issue 33 Summer  PDF
 Issue 34 Winter  PDF
 Issue 29 Spring  PDF  Issue 30 Summer  PDF  Issue 31 Autumn  PDF  Issue 32 Winter  PDF
 2010  Issue 26 Spring  PDF  Issue 27 Summer  PDF  Issue 28 Autumn   PDF  
 2009  Issue 23 Spring  PDF  Issue 24 Summer  PDF  Issue 25 Autumn   PDF  
 2008  Issue 20 Spring  PDF  Issue 21 Summer  PDF  Issue 22 Autumn   PDF  
 2007  Issue 16 Spring  PDF  Issue 17 Summer  PDF  Issue 18 Autumn   PDF  Issue 19 Winter  PDF
 2006  Issue 12 Spring  PDF  Issue 13 Summer  PDF  Issue 14 Autumn   PDF  Issue 15 Winter  PDF
 2005  Issue  8 Spring  PDF  Issue  9 Summer   PDF  Issue 10 Autumn   PDF  Issue 11 Winter  PDF
 2004  Issue  5 Spring  PDF  Issue  6 Summer   PDF  Issue   7 Autumn   PDF  
 2003  Issue  2 Spring  PDF  Issue  3 Summer   PDF  Issue   4 Autumn   PDF  
 2002      Issue   1 Autumn   PDF