Newsletter 15
? Winter 2006
Updated on 9Dec2006
Aviation Heritage Project
Dunsfold Wings & Wheels
Female Angle
Flight Test from a Desk
Harrier News
Hawk News
Graduate Apprentices
Hawker People News
Hugh Merewether
  1924 - 2006, Test Pilot
  Flight Development
  Faster, Higher, Further
  Spinning With Hugh
JSF Progress
Sea Furies at Reno
Sea Harrier ZA195
Sea Hawk Recovered
Sir Sydney & Sir George
Sopwith & Bradshaw
Summer's Day at Dunsfold
Vulcan to the Skies
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Many thanks to all of you who contributed articles to this Newsletter. Like me, I'm sure you will find that these personal reminiscences, as well as being very interesting, are great memory joggers...and while your memories are jogged why not follow these contributors' examples and write them down and send them in?

We apologise to those of you who turned up on October 11th expecting to hear a RN Officer talking about the future of his Service. Although the event was confirmed the night before, we were let down at the very last moment.

Chris Farara
In spite of the gentle reminder in the last Newsletter there are still a number of subscriptions overdue. Please see the Membership section on the back page...now!  Subscriptions were due in April when everyone got a form with the AGM notice.

It's nearly Christmas again so don't forget to book your Christmas lunches, for yourselves and a partner too. The Hawker Centre has put on very good food in past years; and this time there's a drink included in the price.

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