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Newsletter 1
Autumn 2002

updated 1Dec2002



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The Editor hopes you enjoy the first of what he expects will be a long series of Newsletters, each issue more interesting than the last. However, the future size and content does really depend on you readers supporting it with enthusiasm.

Make it your own Newsletter by contributing anything you think might interest Members of our Hawker Association. For instance, this could be news of members; what you are doing now or what you did do at 'Hawker's'. There must be lots of history, experiences and anecdotes stored out there in your memories. Which projects did you work on? What about overseas visits and trials? Any good stories about Hawker characters? Between us we can compile an intimate and human account of the life at the 'Hawker's' we loved (or hated!) and which will be a valuable resource for future researchers. Everyone has a tale to tell, so tell it in the Newsletter.

Or just write us a letter for publication. You may have a technical or historical question you want answered. If the Editor can't oblige, perhaps someone who can will write in. Maybe you want to contact an old colleague; search via the Newsletter.

Also, if you spot any news item likely to interest Members, send them in; or if you hear of any relevant forthcoming events, let me know.

Send contributions to: The Editor, Chris Farara, at 24 Guildown Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 4EN (tel. 01483 825955), or by e-mail to

Meanwhile, I had better write the rest of this issue myself.