Newsletter Index of Contributions updated 4Mar2021

A list of contributions to newsletters by members, title and the newsletter number the story appeared in. The list is ordered by the contributor last name. The Contributor is blank if the same as above.

Abbott, AlanHappy Days (in Ground Test Services)37
Arthur, JohnRemembering the P.108320
Austin, BryanMachined Wing Skin Pioneering31

An Amazing Move35
Balchin, ColinA Summer Afternoon at Dunsfold35

A Sea Fury Tale46
Barber, AmbroseHawkers in the Fifties7

Spinning with Hugh (Merewether)15


Roy Adolphus51

Experimental Flight Testing in the 1950s53
Bainbridge, BrendaThe Female Angle15
Batstone, KenOde to the P.11826

The Fastest Hunter?10
Black, GuyRestoring Hawker Biplanes16
Bollands, KeithDunsfold’s Dove post HSA4
Bore, BettyPraises BAE Systems Pension Fund Trustees19
Braybrook, RoyIconic Humour30

Hunter Main Wing Spar (response to RSH in NL 31)32

Ron Williams41

‘Ev’ (Evelyn Covington)42

P.1127 Free-Flight Models Tests at Langley, 196042

John Mowinski51
Britton, DougHalf a Century in Engineering9
Budgen, ChrisDunsfold Aerodrome History47
Buss, BrianHawker Aircraft Ltd in the 50s54
Carden, RegA Career Starting at Kingston47
Carlile, MauriceThe transatlantic air race4
Causer, KenFrom EDO to Project Office17 & 18
Chitty, JohnA Hatfield Apprenticeship53
Coles, BobWar Birds Designer7
Eric CrabbeFlight Testing from a Desk15
Craig, IanGeorge Anderson4

No Kites at Kingston5
Crampton, JohnA Few Sopwith Stories11

A Few More Sopwith Stories12

Sir Sydney (Camm) and Sir George (Edwards)15

Sopwith and the America’s Cup16

A View from the Hover23
Cripps, RichardA Brush with the (David Lockspeiser’s) LDA-0140
Dale, JohnHarrier - and the Tiger on my Back16
De Viell, NormanHunters Still Active (in USA)17
Denning, RalphMore on the Origin of the Crescent Wing13
Drew, BrianHawkers in the ‘50s9
Duke, NevilleThe First Hunter 20

Demonstration Flying and the SBAC Show 23
Edwards, DaveFrom Ribs to Retirement17
Fairchild, RussTripartite Evaluation Squadron13
Farara, ChrisBad chair days - RSH and design3

Starting at Hawkers8

Strength with Efficiency - first Sopwith catalogue13

Camm Memorial Service (Windsor)14

Hugh Merewether and Flight Development15

Sea Harrier XZ439 Update (Art Nalls’s aircraft)19

Hawkers Build for the Future at Kingston (1959)22

A Tribute to Kingston’s Aircraft Industry23

PWS ‘George’ Bulman28

Harrier Valediction29

P.1127 50th Anniversary (lunch and speeches)29

Dunsfold Park P.1127 Celebration29

David Lockspeiser39

Isis War40

Hawk 40th Anniversary40

Fury Series 70th Anniversary40

P.1154 Cancellation (50th anniversary)41

Harry Fraser-Mitchell41

Duncan Simpson50

John Farley51

John Farley Commemoration at Brooklands52

And more memories of Algeria52

Sea Harrier - In the beginning52

Hawk Mk50 G-HAWK/ZA10153

Hunters in Quasi-Military Service55
Farley, JohnUnified Flight Control11

Beating the System (early days in the RAF)14

The Hawker P.1127 and Short SC.143

Lost and Found (ditched Nimrod)45
Ferguson, IanNew Perspectives on Canbury Park Road53
Finlay, MichaelTwo Good Years at Kingston21
Flint, ColinThe Mithraeum Test Frame33
Fowler, DaveHMS Blake event2

Behind the Scenes (XP831 on Ark Royal)31

A Fozard Howler31

A Fowler Fable31
Fraser-MitchellArado Crescent Criticism12

And Even More (on the crescent wing origins)13

Aces, Erks and Backroom Boys 17 & 23
Galton, NormaGraham Galton and Hawker36
Gerrard, MarkPrivate Sea Harrier14
Glasscock, JohnEric Rubython17
Goodheart, RoyMemories9
Goose, EricHurricane Memories5
Halloway, DougWartime Hawkers9

Hawkers in the Late 1930s24

Wartime Memories28

A Career in Brief (post war)35
Harris, GuyHawker Graduate Apprentices15 & 16
Hassard, DavidHam Factory Ownership Resolved27

Sopwith Pilot Saved by Homing Pigeon49

Sopwith Strutter Raid49

Sopwith in October 191853
Hayler, NormanAn Experimental Life (Dunsfold)46
Hayward, EricLangley tale3

Dunsfold Night Shift - The Early Days5

Memories of Finland7

Hayward in Switzerland14

Egyptian Chaos16
Hearsey, LenA Career in the Life of Len Hearsey7
Heinemann, EdAn Outsider’s View of Camm10
Henberry, TedA Hawker Apprenticeship41
Hickman, PeterHawkers in the 1950s, Part 1 - To Langley24

Part 2 - Incidents, Filming, Racing and Engines25

Part 3 - Experimental Department28

Ground Vibration Testing30
Hobbs, KeithYou Don’t Always Know What’s Round the Corner33

Overseas for Hawker45 & 47
Hooper, RalphEarly experiences2

Pegasus nozzle evolution7

Boscombe - 19618

The Wit and Wisdom of Sydney Camm10

Hawker Nimrod query (steam cooling)17

More About the P.112922

The Hunter Main Wing Spar Root31

Mike Hoskins41
James, GrahamThe Harrier in 1/48th Scale54
Johnson, JohnnieHMS Blake event3
Jordan, TrevorFaster, Higher, Further (Hugh Merewether)15

P.1127 to Harrier22
Kendrick, JohnThe fall and rise of WT5552
Kensitt, BarryMore Memories of Algeria49
King, BillKingston-Warton rivalry3

Kingston - A Key Player in the British Aircraft Industry49
Kuhn, RalphWhittle memorial3
Lee, DaveApprentice Peregrinations37
Lockspeiser, DavidTest Flying the Hunter13

Neville Duke - An Appreciation18

Burmese Sea Fury Incidents18
Long, NormanThe R&D Department in the sixties and seventies24
Marsh, BobbyFlight Testing the Early Jets18
Mendoza, MikeA Lifetime in Sales and Marketing31
Merriman, AlanRaharto, Bedford and the Becak30
Middleton, JeffA Hunter Flying Club (HFL, Exeter)22
Nalls, ArtSea Harrier Set to Fly On16
Palmer, LesTribute to Canadian Kinsman30
Poole, DickA Summer’s Day at Dunsfold15

Ferry Flight of Mk53 Hawks to Indonesia40 & 41
Pryce, MikeHerbert Smith - Sopwith’s First Designer22

Letter of Thanks to Members21
Roberts, ChrisGordon Hodson, ‘KGH’35

Hunter T7 XL623, Supplement to 51

Hunter T7 XL623 Heritage Project53
Ryans, PeterRamblings of an Ex-Hawker Aircraft Apprentice37 & 38
Searle, RaySlim the Welder30

Ed Harper39
Sherwood, BillHis time at Brooklands and Langley4
Shorey, DougMemories of a Hawker Apprentice 37 & 38
Sims, DerekThe Forgotten Aircrew22
Simpson, DuncanHunter Delivery Flight10

Harrier - First Delivery11

Hawk - First Delivery13

Hugh Merewether, 1924-2006, Test Pilot15

An Unusual Occurrence at Upper Heyford 17

Harrier Fortieth Anniversary25
Smith, HerbertThirty Years Ago 9
Smith, KarlHawkers in the ‘60s8

Vulcan to the Skies15

P.1127 First Hover43

The Hawker Installations Department in the 1960s50

More Time in the Installations Department52
Wade, WimpyUSA visit8
Weller, GrahamHawk Memories40
Whitehead, RoyWimpy Wade and the P.10815

Pegasus Gyroscopic Demonstration Model6

Post War Hawkers7


Sea Hawk and Cygnet Memories19

Whatever Happened to….?35

Wimpy Wade and the P.108151
Williams, DonSopwith and Granville Bradshaw15
Williams, RonA Double Testimonial12

Wartime Project Office13

Hawker’s ‘TSR2’ - the P.112921

Sir Sydney and I28

Two Seat Fury28
Wise, DickHarrier Sales to China23
Woods, GeorgeRout-a-Trace machine2