Newsletter 16
Spring 2007
Updated on 16Mar2007
Egyptian chaos
F-35 flies
Harrier - tiger on my back
Harrier news
Hawk news
Hawk vs Goshawk
Hawker apprentices
Hawker people news
Old Hawker Aircraft news
Programme for 2007
RAF Club Camm Memorial
Restored Hawker Nimrod
Restoring Hawker biplanes
Sea Harrier set to fly on
Sopwith - America's Cup
Typhoon and Tempest
Typhoon fund
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    This Spring edition brings you a wide range of subject matter: from competition gliding to a civil Harrier, from Egypt to Greece, from racing yachts to restored biplanes. It all proves how wide ranging was the work and interests of 'Hawkers' and its people.

Chris Farara
    I Thank you to all the contributors of news or memoirs; it is these that make the Newsletter unique. Please keep sending them in as I have published pretty well all the backlog and need your inputs for the Summer edition.
    Included is the Annual General Meeting Notice and the 2007 subscription payment form. Our Secretary has been assiduous in sending the latter only to those whose subscriptions are due. Some 2006 subs. are still unpaid - see names in bold on Members list. Please pay promptly as it saves him (and me) a lot of work in reminding those who have forgotten...please!

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