Newsletter 12
Spring 2006
Updated on 25Feb2006
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for the Members.
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Arado crescent criticisms
Association ties
Beyond the Harrier
Christmas lunch
Col. John Driscoll
Comet to Hawk
Double testimonial
Hawk news
Hawker people news
Indian Harrier
Kingston heritage project
News of members
Not boring at all
Programme 2006
RAF Harrier story
RN CVF carrier and F-35b
Sea Harrier finale
Sea Fury racers
Sopwith stories
Thomas Allan Collinson
Who's who?  
The Committee wishes all Members a happy, prosperous and healthy 2006. We will do our best to provide a New Year's worth of imaginative and interesting talks, events and visits.
The AGM is coming up on April 12th as detailed on the enclosed sheet. We hope that attendance this year will be better than in 2005 as we have moved the AGM to a Wednesday and combined it with a social meeting and video. Please support your Committee by coming along and taking part in the discussions. Your 'feedback' and suggestions are needed so that a programme can be planned to meet your wishes. Also, Committee elections take place this year so here is your opportunity to get involved in running the Association.

Chris Farara
The Editor receives many kind remarks about the Newsletter which is very gratifying. However, he would be even more grateful to Members if they would send in contributions. It's not that he is lazy - he enjoys preparing the Newsletter - but contributions make for variety and interesting reading. Don't be shy; follow Ron Williams's example below. What you may think of as mundane will be of great interest to others!

And don't forget the ties; and the visit to Yeovilton...

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