Newsletter 26
Spring 2010
Updated on 22Feb2010
Published by the Hawker Association
for the Members.
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Book reviews
Camm Windsor memorial
Christmas lunch
Handley Page sixty years
Harrier news
Harry Hawker biography
Hawk news
Hurricane & Fury news
International powered lift
Making them right
New RN carriers news
RAF museum news
Sea Harrier news
Sea Hawk & Sea Fury news
Visit to Rolls-Royce  
   Another New Year for the Association and its Members - tempus fugit. Sadly, but inevitably, a number of Members have died.
    I would like to thank several Members who have sent me first class pieces for the Newsletter: Doug Halloway, Peter Hickman and Ron Williams. There has been no space in this issue to include them but readers can look forward to treats yet to come.
Chris Farara
   Enclosed is the AGM Notice and MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL FORM for 2010-2011. Also, there are still a lot of outstanding 2009-2010 subscriptions - PLEASE send your 5 cheques to Barry Pegram at 12 Becket Wood, Newdigate, Surrey, RH5 5AQ, NOW! See the back page of the last Newsletter, No. 24. If your name is in bold, you owe for last year!
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