Newsletter 27
Summer 2010
Updated on 122Aug2010
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Treble One Hunter Appeal

   Kingston’s Hawk just goes on selling with a contract for another 57 for India signed in July!
    Our Association can now be considered mature; we have held our seventh AGM as reported below. Your Committee hopes it is satisfying your needs and believes so, based on attendances at meetings. However, a bit of feedback would help us in our planning of events. Why not phone or e-mail me?
Chris Farara
   I’m sorry this Newsletter is later than usual; guess what? I had a computer problem. The result is that there is too much material so, if your contribution - Doug Halloway, Peter Hickman and Ron Williams - is not here, please be patient; it will be.
    A Membership renewal form went out with NL.26 many weeks ago…but 113 of you have not yet responded. Please help your hard working Secretary by paying up! Send your 5 cheques to Barry Pegram at 12 Becket Wood, Newdigate, Surrey, RH5 5AQ.
    Also, please keep sending your contributions to:
The Editor, Chris Farara, at
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