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Autumn 2007
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   Firstly a correction to NL.17 and an apology. Somehow I managed, between the Editorial and the AGM report, to promote Ambrose Barber from Chairman to President. A 'senior moment', perhaps; sorry.
    I also made a pasting error. The last two paragraphs in 'An Unusual Occurrence at Upper Heyford' by Duncan Simpson should have been the last two paras. of  'Eric Rubython' by John Glasscock, to whom I offer my apologies.
    Now that the nights are drawing in, why not write down some of your Hawker memories for the Newsletter. Don't worry if you think your literary skills aren't up to it; leave that to the Editor!  
    There are lots of outstanding subscriptions; see Membership List on last page. Please pay; it's a real pain bolding up your names on the list!  
    Finally, remember the Christmas Lunch on 12th December; always a very enjoyable occasion.

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