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Newsletter 4
Autumn 2003

Updated on 24Oct2003

Published by the Hawker Association for the Members.
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Bill Sherwood remembers

Book reviews

Christmas lunch

Dunsfold update

Dunsfold's Dove

George Anderson

Harrier II production

Harrier web site

HA members

Hawker memories

India makes up her mind

Kingston Aviation Heritage

Mick Mansell retires

Philatelic cover

Programme for 2003-4

Putting the record straight

Requests for information

Transatlantic air race

Visit to Farnborough

V/STOL Historical Society

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Editorial updated on 24Oct2002

Firstly, thanks to all those who have contributed to this Newsletter with articles. I have also received a number of requests for contacts or information. Please read them and see if you can help. It is this participation that will increase the value of our Association.

However, I haven't received any replies to the questions I put last time! Please let me know what you would like in the way of meetings and events, and when and how often you would like them held. I know the Committee members are pretty smart but I can't believe we already have the perfect arrangement for 300 different people! Come on you Members; please speak up.

Meanwhile, the Chairman and Committee Members wish all Association Members a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. (Why not start the celebrations at our Christmas Lunch? See below)

Write to: The Editor, Chris Farara, at
24 Guildown Road, Guildford, Surrey,
GU2 4EN (tel. 01483 825955), or by e-mail to

Chriss Farara

Chris Farara