Newsletter 19
Winter 2008
Updated on 10Feb2008
Betty Bore Praises Pension Trustees
Committee Member RAeS Award
Fifty-Five Years Of Flying
Hawker Association Future
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News Lightning II
Riverside Spectacular
Sea Hawk And Cygnet Memories
Thomas H Miller USMC
XZ439 Sea harrier Help Needed
XZ439 Sea harrier Update

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   We are nearly five years old! It was on 21 March 2002 that the inaugural 'Committee' meeting was called by Barry Pegram and held at his home. It was all reported in Newsletter No. 1. However, it wasn't until 2003 that the Association really got moving with a full programme of meetings and talks by such 'Hawker' luminaries as John Glasscock, Ralph Hooper, John Farley and John Crampton. We now have 374 members with up to 60 attending meetings; not bad you might well say. However, we must look to the future and perhaps make some changes if the Association is not to fade away as our membership grows older. Please read the article below on the options for the Association's future and give us your views at the AGM, or if you can't attend, write to or e-mail me and I will present them.
     By the way, my folder of contributions to the Newsletter is now empty. Please spend a little while writing about your time at 'Hawkers'. No draft too rough for me! Thanks to Betty Bore, Roy Whitehead, Norman De Viell and Ralph Hooper for their inputs.

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