Newsletter Index of Talks updated 27Jan2020

A list of talks given to the Association and the newsletter number the talk story appeared in. The list is ordered by the speakers last name. There are links to the talk Newsletter web pages; if clicked the newsletter web page opens in a new Window with with the story displayed; for newsletters 29 and lower the whole newsletter displays. Richard Cannon videos most of the talks If there is a Y in the DVD column a DVD is available; if you missed a talk they can be borrowed. Please contact Richard on 01932 786636 or email him using the link in the banner.

Hawker Association Newsletter Talks Index
Adams, MikeTest Pilot Training8
Allen, JohnThe HSA Advanced Project Group 1960 - 197639
Barber, AmbroseFresh Interests and Responsibilities54
Bedford, PeterBorn into Aviation46
Black, GeorgePersonal Reflections on Hawker Thoroughbreds21 Y
Black, GuyRestoring and Operating Hawker Biplanes23
Boyling, GeoffCircuit of Britain39
Boxer, PeterOnce Upon a Time I was a Regional Executive10
Brocklehurst, ArthurA Personal View from MoD(PE)35
Brown, EricFlying Hawker Aircraft20 Y
Buttler, TonyHawker Non-V/STOL Jet Projects55
Chandler, ColinWhy Pay More?17Y
Cooke, GrahamAviation Art and Life in the RAF45
Cowan, NickThe Fleet Air Arm and After34
Crampton, JohnA Few Words from a Salesman5Y
Darlington,AfandiRacing Gliders and Optimising Performance17
Denning, RalphSetting the Agenda for Aerospace11
Dodworth, PeterThe Harrier Conversion Team27
Dopping-Hepenstal, LambertDrones - The End of Manned Aviation?49
Dow, AndrewThe Early Years of the Pegasus27
Farley, JohnPutting the Record Straight.4
Farley, JohnOnce More into the Breach14
Farley, JohnThe V/STOL Wheel of Misfortune17
Farley, JohnSome Test Flying Tales42
Fraser-Mitchell, HarryHandley Page - 60 Years of Achievement26 Y
Frick, HeinzA Lucky Aviator38
Frick, HeinzSkyhook41
Gedge, TimThe Sea Harrier9
Gedge, TimLife After Aviation33
Glasscock, John‘Hawker’- A great Place to Work3
Hargreaves, SimonJoint Strike Fighter2
Hargreaves, SimonAircraft I Have Flown48
Hassard, DavidMaking them Right - An Engineer at Hawkers, 1936-197626
Hassard, DavidA Picture’s Worth Ten Thousand Words30
Hassard, DavidThe Great Richmond Road Aircraft Factory34
Hassard, DavidThe Sopwith Aircraft Story37
Hassard, DavidAll Shapes and Sizes45
Hassard, DavidThe Aircraft Industry in Surrey in the Great War53
Heron, JockThe Concept of Operations for Harrier in the RAF6
Heron, JockThe Republic F-105 Thunder chief - the ‘Thud’47
Hertzenberg, KeithBoeing Training Systems and Services14
Hill, JamesMiniature Gas Turbines31
Hodson, ChrisFolland and the Spirit of Hamble24Y
Hodson, GordonHawk - Land and Sea6
Hooper, RalphKingston’s Fighters - the Jet Age3
Hooper, RalphHookers Engines in Hawker’s Aeroplanes3

Hopkins, PaulHawk T-X for the United States Air Force36
Howison, SimonBAE Systems Air Business8
Howison, SimonBAE Systems Today41
Hui, EdPaper Aeroplanes - Breaking the Rules40
Hussey, BrianLighter-than-Air VTOL - Airships22
Ince, DavidGround Attack and the Typhoon5Y
Jarrett, PhillipHoward Pixton - Britain’s First Schneider Trophy Winner43
Jones, AndyFun, Fright and Farce in a Flying Career32
Kidd, Nicholas48 Years in the Rotary Drier49
King, DaveThe Work of the Air Accidents Investigation Branch5
Lee, GeoffAir to Air Photography36
Lewis, GordonPegasus - The First Years7
Lidstone. VernonUnlocking Potential17
Lockspeiser, DavidAn Aviation Double10
Mansell, MickExperiences with New Technologies28
Mansell, MickSmart Procurement37
Mansell, MickFrom V/STOL to ASTOVL and Stealth55
Merriman, AlanMy Life with Hawker Aircraft21
Millican, AlanForty Years of Learning (or Poacher turned Gamekeeper)32
Orchard, AdrianJoint Force Harrier Operations18Y
Palmer, LesThe Indonesian Hawk Contract34
Parker, JohnBAE Systems Heritage 29
Parker, John IReminiscences of a Salesman9
Poole, DickHarrier Ski-jump Trials3
Poole, DickThe Royal Aero Club Trust29
Poole, DickHarrier Ski Jump Trials51
Poll, IanAviation in the 21st Century33
Potulski, Mat‘Hawker Hunter Aviation’31
Pryce, MichaelBeyond the Harrier12
Pryce, MichaelTesting V/STOL Projects24
Pryce, MichaelThe Rise and Fall of the P.115436
Roberts, ChrisMy Three Jobs in the Front Office13
Roberts, ChrisMy Third Job in the Front Office19
Roberts, ChrisFrom the First Loop to the Red Arrows42
Roberts, ChrisA View from the Flight Deck51
Roberts, ChrisFrom Kites to Thunderbirds54
Rustin, CliveFifty-five Years of Flying19
Salisbury, MikeA Lifetime in Aircraft Design43
Scott, BernieFifty Years of Flying39
Simpson, DuncanFrom Comet to Hawk12
Sloan, IanA Golden Thread - SHAR to F-3548
Spiers, DonaldThe Kestrel Evaluation Squadron - and a few other things25 Y
Spiers, DonaldSo, What Have We Done Since 1886?46
Stanford, JerryThe Future of Naval Aviation20Y
Tomlinson, GrahamTest Flying the Joint Strike Fighter30
Townsend, ‘Cab’The F-35B Lightning45
Wilson, ColinAviation Art27
Wilson, SimonThe Royal Navy Historic Flight44
Winn, AllanRe-engineering Brooklands - the Future42
Wise, DickAmerica - A View from Washington DC25
Wise, DickErnest Hemingway Visits Dunsfold, D Day and Divorce52
Zanker, MarkFlying Harriers in the RAF44
Zanker, MarkCombat Operations in the GR745
Zanker, MarkLife with the Red Arrows50