Newsletter 14
Autumn 2006
Updated on 20Oct2006
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Annual General Meeting
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Boeing Training Systems
Camm Headstone Restored
Camm Memorial Service
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Hayward in Switzerland
Kingston Aviation Project
Once More into the Breach
Private Sea Harrier
Programme for 2006/7
RAF Harrier Story
Association Ties
Firstly an apology. The AGM Report that I trumpeted in the last Editorial somehow slipped off my computer and never appeared. However, I guarantee that you will find it this time!

A large number of membership subscriptions are still overdue. It's easy to overlook this formality, but it does give our secretary a lot of extra work. To remind you, your names are in bold on the Membership list on page 8. Please send your  £5 cheques, payable to the Hawker Association, to Barry Pegram at 12 Becket Wood, Newdigate, Surrey, RH5 5AQ. Thank you.

Chris Farara
Sadly the coach for the September visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton had to be cancelled due to lack of support as otherwise the Association would have had to subsidise the trip by an excessive amount. After the success of last year's fully subscribed trip to Duxford the Committee were confident about Yeovilton.

To help future planning please let me know why they were wrong; why didn't you want to go by coach?

Sir Sydney Camm has been in the news with a 40th anniversary Memorial Service in Windsor and the restoration of his grave in Long Ditton Cemetery. The Association was involved in both events as reported below.

The Kingston Aviation Heritage Project is now up and running. Planning permission for the monument has been granted and the fund raising appeal has been launched. The appeal leaflet is enclosed. 

And don't forget the ties and the 'RAF Harrier Story'.

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