Newsletter 23
Spring 2009
Updated on 17Feb2009
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    Those of you who read the headline may think that Spring has come a little early this year; but last year when I called the equivalent issue Winter 2008 some Members thought it didn't sound right, so Spring it is.
    With this Newsletter you will find the AGM notice and the membership renewal form. Please fill it in and send your subscription straight away, as indicated, to our hard working Secretary, Barry Pegram. In spite of the recent reminder there are still a number of subs. outstanding for last year! Did you renew? Check the Membership List in the last Newsletter, No. 22, please.
    The Association is privileged to have been invited to visit the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust Museum at Filton on 17th September. Numbers are limited to about twenty so please let Barry (01306 631125) know if you want to go. Transport down the M4 is for Members to arrange between themselves.
Chris Farara
     The Association has made a donation to the appeal for the long overdue Bomber Command Memorial as publicised in the Daily Telegraph. Nearly 60,000 RAF Bomber Command aircrew were killed during the campaign. For too long this has gone without permanent recognition.
    John Farley will be coming to the 13 May meeting to offer his excellent book, "A View from the Hover" (see reviews below) at a reduced price for Members which he will be pleased to sign.
    Sadly, amongst the deaths recorded below is that of Trevor Jordan, Kingston's performance wizard who pioneered V/STOL performance analysis and played a major part in the Harrier shipboard flying and Ski Jump programmes, and Pegasus engineer Ian Milne.
    My file of unpublished contributions is empty - please delve into your memories and tell what you did at 'Hawkers'..  
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