Newsletter 11
Winter 2005
Updated on 18Nov2005
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Agenda for Aerospace
Duxford Visit
Harrier First Delivery
Hawker People News
Heritage Memorial Project
HMS Invincible Retires
Last Pegasus
Programme 2005-6
Sopwith Stories
Tangmere Hawker Weekend
Unified Flight Control
Some of you are lucky to be reading this! The subscription reminder in the last Newsletter jogged a lot of memories but there are still a few of you out there who have not renewed. See enclosed note.

We are priveleged to have a unique article in this issue, kindly written by John Farley. This is the first time the history of the VAAC Harrier and its work has been published.

Chris Farara
We also have Duncan Simpson's story of the first Harrier delivery and John Crampton's fascinating reminiscences of Sir Thomas Sopwith. Otherwise, it's "all my own work"! How about a few more pieces about your time with Hawkers for the next Newsletter?

Christmas is fast approaching so give yourselves a couple of treats. Firstly the Association Christmas Lunch on December 14. Tickets are just £15. Call Percy Collino on 020 8337 8143 then send him a cheque payable to The Hawker Association. Secondly, an Association tie or two. These are now available - see below.

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