Newsletter 26
Spring 2010
Updated on 22Feb2010
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Sea Hawk & Sea Fury News
    The Royal Navy Historic Flight’s Sea Hawk was reunited with its overhauled Nene and flew at some end-of-season displays. After winter maintenance it will be back in the air in spring 2010. Their Sea Fury, VR930, is waiting for its Centaurus to be returned from Vintage V12 in California where it is being overhauled. Return is expected in early spring 2010.
Hurricane & Fury News

    The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s Hurricane IIB, LF363, is going abroad to join the Indian Air Force Historic Flight. In return a Hurricane MkI is being repatriated to the UK to be rebuilt for the BBMF.
    The Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) has issued its report on the crash of Hurricane XII BD707/G-HURR at the Shoreham Air Show in September 2007. It says that the crash was probably due to the pilot attempting an unplanned rolling manoeuvre whilst tail-chasing another Hurricane. The air speed was adequate at the start of the manoeuvre but the nose-up pitch attitude was insufficient to enable it to be completed safely in the height available.
    The Fury biplane replica, built for The Hon Patrick Lindsay by Viv Bellamy in the early 1980s but seldom seen in public after its first flight in 1985, has been bought by Jerry Yagen’s Fighter Factory in Virginia from a collection in Belgium.