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    According to the Ministry of defence website: “Plans to reprioritise Defence spending to help achieve success in Afghanistan, the top military priority, and balance the books, have been announced by Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth today, Tuesday 15 December 2009. The enhancements include 22 new Chinook helicopters, with the first 10 arriving during 2012/13. In order to deliver these new resources for Afghanistan, the MOD has had to take difficult decisions about areas of Defence that are not linked directly to operations. The number of Harriers will be reduced and the remainder of the aircraft will be moved to RAF Wittering, resulting in the closure of RAF Cottesmore.”
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    The Daily Telegraph commented: “For the first time in modern history, the Government has raided the budget of the Ministry of Defence to fund a continuing military operation. The Royal Air Force will bear the brunt of the cuts which will see an air base closed, a Harrier squadron scrapped and a reduction in the number of military personnel.
    Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, accused the Government of ‘catastrophic economic mismanagement. Our defences are being cut, not as a response to a diminished threat – if anything the threat is increasing,’ he said. ‘The Government that’s had four defence secretaries in four years, is now cutting capability as a result of catastrophic economic mismanagement. Our brave armed forces are paying for Labour’s incompetence.’