Newsletter 26
Spring 2010
Updated on 22Feb2010
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International Powered Lift Conference 2010
    Mike Pryce writes that the IPLC will feature the Harrier in 2010, the P.1127 50th anniversary year. He is looking for contributions to two papers which he will compile: ‘50 years of the Harrier; what has it taught us?’ - a paper presenting the views of designers, pilots etc. plus all the anecdotes Mike has collected over the years, and 'What have we learned from trying to replace the Harrier?' - a review of the positive and negative lessons learned from the many V/STOL projects between P.1127 and JSF.
    To think about contributing to this important event please contact Mike on 0161 306 3521, 0780 371 2457 or email

Camm Windsor Memorial

    Planning consent had been granted to the Sir Sydney Camm Commemorative Society for a full size model Hurricane to be installed in Alexandra Gardens, Windsor, Camm’s birthplace.
    The aircraft will be mounted on a plinth and enclosed in a small memorial garden with a plaque of remembrance. The Commemorative Society has recruited Artique Gallery Publishing who specialise in raising money for charity projects. The Gallery is producing a range of Camm associated pictures and cards, using Charles Brown photographs, which will be sold throughout the UK to help raise funds for the Memorial.
    By calling the Eton campaign office on 01753 865253 or 857375 you can request the Artique catalogue of fund-raising items, and also donate by credit card to help raise the 60,000 needed to fund the memorial. Please support this initiative.