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Spring 2010
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Book Reviews
    An addition to the Warpaint Series, No. 74 by Tony Buttler, covers the P.1127, Kestrel and RAF Harrier Is. This slim 44 page volume is a profusely illustrated concise and accurate history of the development of these aircraft with detailed 1/72nd scale drawings, colour three-views and lots of colour elevations. Amongst the monochrome and colour photographs are many unusual shots not previously published. For modellers there is a comprehensive list of kits, detailing sets and decals. Tables list production batches, technical data, and squadrons and units. Although a bit pricey at 14.95 the book is a mine of information with only a few caption and drawing errors.
    Brenda Bainbridge recommends highly ‘The Few’ by Alex Kershaw, the story of the small number of American pilots who fought in the battle of Britain. However, Brenda has written to the publisher pointing out that the following statement is wrong: “…design of the Hurricane was sir Sydney Camm but sadly he died before he could see how effective his aeroplane was in combat.” Confusion with Mitchell, of course.
Harry Hawker Biography

    Michael Price has noticed that Muriel Hawkers biography of her husband, H G Hawker - His Life and Work is downloadable, free of charge as it is out of copyright, at http://www.archive.org/details/hghawkerairmanhi00hawkrich