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Dick Poole remembers flight test fun in the sun...

It was a hot summer day at Dunsfold in the 1980s and a hose-pipe ban had just been introduced. The Finnish Hawk Mk 51s were to be fitted with a new adaptive anti-skid braking system to improve braking performance on wet and icy runways. The system should have been tested on G-HAWK in the winter when wet runway conditions were readily available but equipment delivery delays resulted in the system being ready for test at this most unsuitable time of the year. Not to be beaten by nature or the ban the stalwart members the Dunsfold Airfield Fire Department were enlisted to wet an area of the runway large enough for an initial test of the system.

A Summer's Day at Dunsfold

The test aircraft, flown by Jim Hawkins, took off and loitered with the undercarriage down to cool the brakes prior to the test landing on the wet runway. Whilst the Hawk was cruising round the firemen took the opportunity to spray more water on the test area. At the same time a Dove communications aircraft that arrived in the overhead was requested to hold until the Hawk had landed. On seeing the activity below a voice from the ether was heard to say, "It'll never grow, you know," to the amusement of all within radio range.