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Joint Strike Fighter Progress
On July 7th the first pre-production F-35 JSF, a CTOL variant, was unveiled at  Lockheed-Martin's Fort Worth factory.

The aircraft was officially named Lightning II, clearly alluding to the famous Lockheed twin fuselage fighter of WW 2, although BAE Systems News seems to think it has something to do with Warton's English Electric supersonic fighter!

First flight is expected later this year.
Sea Furies At Reno

Sea Furies finished first, second, fourth, fifth and sixth in the Unlimited Gold Race at Reno, Nevada, in September. There were no other finishers since two Mustangs retired. Third place went to a Yak-11.

The winning aircraft, at 453.61 mph, was 'September Fury' flown by Mike Brown; 'Dreadnaught', based on a TMk20, flown by Matt Jackson was second. Both aircraft are powered by Pratt & Whitney R-4360 engines.