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Sea Harrier ZA195
Chris Budgen reports that ZA195, the first Sea Harrier FRSMk2 development aircraft, is now to be found in the Farnborough Air Sciences collection. The aircraft was retired in 2000 and placed in store with the Fleet Air Arm collection at Yeovilton.

There is also a Sea Harrier FA2 outside the Maritime Museum at Greenwich
Sea Hawk Recovered

Thanks to Ralph Hooper for the following...

In the early 1970s Cdr Kanjilal, Indian Navy, suffered a flame-out as his Sea Hawk approached INS Vikrant steaming in the Arabian Sea off Cochin.

The Commander ejected safely but his aircraft was lost until a minesweeping exercise thirty years later located the wreck.

It was subsequently recovered by the IN Diving School and the USN using a rescue and salvage ship, the USS Safeguard