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Harrier News
The Harrier Joint Upgrade & Maintenance Programme (JUMP) team, responsible for upgrading the Harrier GR7s to GR9 standard which includes new smart weapons, major avionic system redesign, new avionic units, rewritten software, rewiring and marinisation, have delivered thirteen aircraft in eighteen months.

This allowed the RAF to declare the GR9 in-service at the end of September, a date set four years ago.

At Cottesmore, the Joint Force Harrier base, JUMP has also achieved a 50% reduction in the number of aircraft out of action, and £44m saving in maintenance costs. 
Hawk News

At the Farnborough International Air Show the UK Secretary of State for Defence, Des Brown, took part in a ceremony to mark the delivery of the first of six Hawks to the Royal Bahrain Air Force.

The C in C of the Bahraini Defence Force, His Highness Sheikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince of Bahrain, attended the event.