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Hawker People News
We have just learned that Eric Crabbe, Folland and 'Hawker' Dunsfold flight test aerodynamicist, died in May this year. George Bunt, of Systems Engineering, died on 4th November.

The Association sends condolences to families and friends.
Sir Sydney and Sir George

The publication of Sir George Edwards's biography  ('From Bouncing Bombs to Concorde' by Robert Gardner, published by Sutton) prompted John Crampton to remember an incident at Paris airport...

About forty years ago, could be forty five, I was waiting to fly home from Paris Orly after the Paris Air Show of that year and found myself sitting next to Sir Sydney and Lady Camm in the departure lounge; all quite by chance. I muttered a courteous "Good morning , sir - Lady Camm", and as we waited I said to Sir Sydney that I thought we'd be flying home in the first Vickers Vanguard to enter service with BEA. That got no more than a "Humpf..."

Then we were invited outside to walk to the aeroplane as we did in those days. Half way to the aircraft Sir Sydney suddenly stopped and stared at the shiny new aeroplane in its smart BEA livery. "Come on Sydney", said Lady Camm, "You're holding everyone up", which he was. Sir Sydney stood his ground and stared, glared at the new aircraft. After a few moments he moved on muttering, "Poor old Edwards, 'e 'asn't got it right."