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Spring 2008
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    The first F-35B Lightning II STOVL aircraft, designated BF-1, was rolled out in December and moved from the Lockheed Martin assembly line at Fort Worth to the Flight Line for ground testing. The roll-out ceremony was attended by representatives from the RN, RAF, the USMC and the Italian Air Force and Navy
    USMC Commandant, General James Conway, made a suitably stirring speech saying, "This generational leap in technology will enable us to operate a fleet of fighter/attack aircraft from the decks of ships, existing runways, or from unimproved surfaces at austere bases." Just like the Harrier, then.
Joint Strike Fighter News

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First flight of the STOVL F-35B is likely to be delayed, according to BAE Systems "until later this year", while Pratt & Whitney investigate the cause of a recent turbine blade failure which occurred during ground running of the F-119 engine. This was the second turbine blade failure experienced by the engine.
    At the roll-out ceremony it was announced that when BF-1 does make its maiden flight ex-Dunsfold Chief Test Pilot Graham 'GT' Tomlinson will be at the controls after working with the Lockheed Martin team for several years.