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Spring 2008
Updated on 22May2008
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Book Review 
'Above The Rest' 
    Hawker Association Member and aircraft photographer Geoffrey Lee's latest book is a concise history of the Eurofighter Typhoon project illustrated with some 350 outstanding colour photographs, mostly taken by the author.
    Well written and beautifully produced this large format, non-technical book will satisfy all Typhoon enthusiasts and the detail in the photographs will appeal to engineers. It is now fourteen years since the first development aircraft flew in March 1994. Type Acceptance for the two-seat Typhoon was in June 2003, for the single-seater December 2004.
    Today 53 aircraft have been delivered to the RAF who have two operational squadrons - Nos 3(F) and 11(F) - so far. Germany, Spain Italy and Austria also have the aircraft in service.
    All this and much more, including the EAP, is covered in the book, available by mail order only from Ad Hoc Publications at just 20 plus 3.50 p&p (Phone 07776 134277). 

    In March the Kingston Aviation Heritage Project team auditioned for the well-know television quiz "Eggheads" in which teams compete with a resident panel of experts. It is broadcast on BBC2 on weekday evenings at 6.00 pm.
    The team, originally five KAHP Trustees and one Hawker Association Member, is now made up from three of each: John Gough, Trevor Jordan and Les Palmer - Trustees; and Ken Batstone, David Cooper and Martin Pennell - Members.
    The audition consisted of a mock competition between the KAHP team and three other teams followed by individual televised team interviews about the team and its members. Should the team be selected to appear the main objective will be to give publicity to the Heritage Project.
    Progress will be covered in the Newsletter and on our Website.