Newsletter 20
Spring 2008
Updated on 22May2008
AIAA Honours Dunsfold
Annual General Meeting
Book Review
Doctorate for John Farley
Dunsfold and Brookland Events
First Hunter
Flying Hawker Aircraft
Future of Naval Aviation
Hawk News
John Dale
Joint Strike Fighter News
Museum for Dunsfold
Remembering the P.1083
Sea Harrier News
V/Stol Award for Ralph Hooper

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The Meeting was opened by the Chairman, Ambrose barber, as follows:
Chairman's Report to the Annual General Meeting
    Welcome to you all and thank you for turning out in support of our fifth AGM and providing the potential votes essential to our election process this year.
    Barry Pegram, our diligent honorary secretary, will touch upon some of the events of the last year but I think it fair to say that we've been able to pursue the Association's aims to most people's satisfaction.
    Membership numbers have remained healthy with a cheerful and active minority attending our monthly meetings which are, in effect, monthly reunions.
    At these we've managed to maintain a gratifyingly high standard of speaker. These continue to be reported in the excellent Newsletter which Chris Farara edits for us. His reports, your anecdotes, and occasional tributes to the life and work of passing colleagues, make valuable additions to our source of Hawker history for posterity.
The Fifth Annual General Meeting

    But is this how the Association is going to end? It is not too soon to ask the question! You will have read in your latest Newsletter, No.19, that your Committee has felt that other alternatives could be envisaged. At the close of the AGM there is an opportunity for informal discussion when we would welcome your views on the Association's future.
    For the moment it is right that we should record our appreciation of all those, particularly on the Committee, who have brought the Association thus far, through their varied contributions. In particular I would like to mention Percy Collino who is standing down after his move South. We shall miss you on the Committee, Percy! Thanks for all you've done, and to everyone
Summaries of Other Reports
    Barry Pegram, the Secretary, noted that there had been some growth in the numbers of Members, especially amongst the ladies. He summarised the last year's meetings and noted that 'Winkle' Brown attracted the largest audience, 67. The visit to Hendon had been a particular success and Members had been given access to many precious artefacts. Also well supported had been the Summer Barbecue and Christmas Lunch.
    Mike Hoskins, the Treasurer, pointed out that our finances were sound with more in the bank at the end of year than at the beginning, in spite of paying towards the Camm bust at the RAF Club, although sculptor Ambrose's generosity in doing the job at cost had helped.He also gave credit to Jan White and Ken Batstone whose door raffles raised 791, offsetting the room hire charge. Mike stated that this was his final performance as Treasurer and that Martin Pennell would, if elected, take over the office. The accounts were approved.
    In the absence of other nominations the Chairman and all the Committee Members were re-elected except Percy Collino and Mike Hoskins who were retiring. Martin Pennell was elected Treasurer.
    On the subject of visits Ambrose said that a September visit, with lunch, to the RAF Club in Piccadilly to see the Camm bust was proposed at about 20 per head. A show of hands indicated sufficient support for arrangements to be made.
    Suggestions from the floor for visits included RAF Fighter Command HQ at Uxbridge, the RAF Museum at Cosford (although an overnight stop would probably be necessary) and Brooklands Museum on 7 June for the Centenary of British Aviation event.
    With regard to the future of the Association there were some suggestions as to how to widen the membership. These include contacting Aircrew Associations for pilots of 'Hawker' types, contacting retirees via the BAES Pensions organisation (in hand), advertising in enthusiasts magazines, at the Brooklands Museum and at 'Wings & Wheels', by opening the Association BAe-wide and by recruiting current employees. The latter would require evening meetings not favoured by some retirees.
   It was said that the Association seemed unsure whether it was a club for pensioners or an aircraft society. It was pointed out that the subject of pensions is never addressed; this is covered by other groups and that the Association is a social organisation for those who worked at 'Hawkers'.
    The President, John Glasscock, said that the Hawker Association must not fade away. Perhaps it could unify with other groups and cast the net wider for members. (If BAES was to be involved in recruiting we needed to act before Mike Turner retires.) However, there is no crisis; member numbers are holding up well but we should all fish around for new members; keep at it! It was agreed that the Committee would seriously consider the future and should any changes to the Constitution be required report back to the Members at the next AGM.
    After the AGM videos on the Mosquito and the Confederate Air Force were shown.