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Summer 2009
Updated on 20May2009
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    The Qinetiq/RAE Bedford two seat VAAC (Vectored-thrust Aircraft Advanced Control) Harrier T4, XW175, recently carried out trials on HMS Illustrious to test the effectiveness of the 'Bedford Array'. The system provides HUD signals allowing the pilot to accomplish accurate rolling landings on a carrier deck.
    This landing technique, what we used to call a slow landing, may be used on the JSF F-35B when returning to the deck with high value, heavy weapons in hot climates. XW175 will shortly be retired after some 40 years of flight trials. It has been used for much important V/STOL flight control research by the RAE/DRA/Qinetiq which culminated in the development of the flight control system for the JSF, a vital UK contribution to the programme.
Harrier News

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    It has been reported that the Chief of the Air Staff, Sir Glenn Torpy, has suggested that the MoD could save 1bn by taking the Harrier out of service early, by 2014, and retiring the Ark Royal and Illustrious thus ending the Royal Navy's interest in fixed wing aviation. Not surprisingly, this is opposed by the First Sea Lord, Sir Jonathan Bond, who supports the current Joint Force Harrier. If adopted the result would be what is euphemistically called a 'capability holiday' until the F-35B JSF enters service in late 2018.