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On 25 February the second F-35B, BF-2, achieved its first (conventional) flight and joined the first aircraft, BF-1, in the flight test programme. BF-1 will concentrate on STOVL flight operations whilst BF-2's programme will include flutter clearance, high angle of attack handling, performance and propulsion testing.
   On 19 March Defence Secretary John Hutton announced the purchase of three F-35B operational test aircraft confirming the UK's commitment to the Operational Test and Evaluation phase of the JSF programme (production orders expected are now reported to be 66 rather than the original requirement for 138).
    The UK is investing $2 bn in the F-35 development programme, the largest of eight partner nations, and from the beginning has been deeply involved in research, engineering and development.

F-35B Lightning II News

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    More than 100 British companies are involved, including BAES and R-R who provide all rear fuselages plus tails, and lift fans respectively, Martin-Baker who provide all ejection seats, GE Aerospace Cheltenham (was Smiths Industries), Honeywell Normalair, Goodrich Actuation, Selex, and Ultra Electronics. BAES is investing  800m in the Samlesbury factory.
    A large BAES engineering team is contributing to the development programme in the US which, of course includes Graham Tomlinson, Dunsfold's last Chief Test Pilot, as F-35B CTP. On 26 March BF-1 started hover pit ground testing to demonstrate the operation of the integrated flight and propulsion controls system which will lead to powered lift flight this summer. The design of the hover pit was based on Dunsfold's grid.
    If you have broadband go to www.jsf.mil, click on 'video link', 'miscellaneous' and '2008 2nd Quarter Highlights' to see and hear Graham Tomlinson reporting on progress, including the first flight of BF-1. Amongst the film sequences you can spot flight test operations manager Bob Burton ex the A&AEE and Dunsfold Flight Test Department. It's nice to know that Kingston and Dunsfold's jet V/STOL expertise is being put to good use in the JSF programme.