Newsletter 28
Autumn 2010
Updated on 30Oct2010
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Sea Harrier News
    The Indian Navy has carried out a Limited Update Sea Harrier (LUSH) programme. A new radar, the Israeli Elta 2032 multi-mode pulse Doppler radar is installed as are Israeli Derby active radar guided air-to-air missiles which are carried outboard on twin carriers, inboard alongside Magics.
    Sea Harrier FA2 ZD608 has been bought by a collector in Napflion, Greece from Jet Art Aviation of Bradford.
    Correction: the Sea Harrier 'art work' is suspended in Tate Britain, not Tate Modern as reported in NL.27.

Hunter News

    Strikemaster aerobatic Team Viper at Exeter has acquired six Hunters: airworthy T.7 WV322 and FGA.9 XE601; under restoration T.7 XL573 and awaiting restoration T.7 XL600, GA.11 XE685 and PR.11 WT723.