Newsletter 28
Autumn 2010
Updated on 30Oct2010
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    Published to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain is a new book by Leo McKinstry: 'Hurricane - Victor of the Battle of Britain.' If you only buy one book on the Hurricane, make it this one. Although very readable it is a scholarly work with 23 pages of source notes referenced to statements in every chapter (including the HA Newsletter!), a 9 page bibliography, a 15 page index and 38 well chosen illustrations. The complete history of the aircraft is covered in considerable detail from origins through design, development and production to service, 'The Last of the Many' and retirement. This 373 page book is published by John Murray and is very good value at 20 (ISBN 978-1-84854-339-3).
Book Reviews

    Another excellent 'B of B' book is 'Park - the Biography of Air Chief Marshall Sir Keith Park GCB, KBE, MC, DFC, DCL' by Vincent Orange. This is another readable, scholarly work with extensive source notes, bibliography and index. As commander of No.11 Group, Fighter Command, New Zealander Keith Park was responsible for the air defence of London and South-East England. As Marshal of the Royal Air Force Lord Tedder said of Park, "If ever any one man won the Battle of Britain, he did." This biography covers Park's entire life and RAF career from WW 1, through the Battle of Britain, Training Command and Malta to South-East Asia and retirement. This 301 page book is published by Grub Street in paperback at 12.99. (ISBN 978-1-902304-61-8).