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Spring 2007
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Typoon And Tempest Association
    Ken Rimmell, who founded the Association in 1982, writes...
    If any Hawker Association Members who flew, built or worked on either Typhoons or Tempests would like to join this year's Typhoon and Tempest Association get-together near West Wittering in West Sussex on Saturday June 3rd, would they please contact me at email ken.rimmell, or phone 07884 195259 or write to 1 The Glade, Pagham, West Sussex, PO21 4SD. There is a bar and lunch can be pre-booked at  £8.  
Typhoon Entente Cordial Fund

    During the battle of Normandy in 1944, eighteen Typhoon squadrons supported the British and Canadian armies. In the ten week campaign 50% of the aircraft and 40% of the pilots were lost.
    The grateful French population formed the Association pour le Souvenir des Ailes de la Victoire de Normandie (ASAVN), built a magnificent Typhoon Memorial at Noyers Bocage, located crashed Typhoons and buried the pilots with full military honours. The marked graves are beautifully cared for and tended in some cases by young children. At the heart of these efforts has been M. Jacques Brehin, President of the ASAVN, and his team.
    Surviving Typhoon pilots wish to provide the French with a memorable 'thank you' occasion. To this end  David Ince, who gave us an outstanding talk on his wartime Typhoon experiences (see NL.5), is the Chairman of the Typhoon Entente Cordiale (TECF) fund, raising money to pay for an event at Middle Wallop on 23 May (including a Eurofighter Typhoon flypast), to cover travelling costs of the French guests and to set up a bursary for French youngsters. Sponsors are being sought but individual contributions would be very welcome.
    Please send your cheques payable to the TECF at 4 Rawson Court, Sea Lane, Rustington, West Sussex, BN16 2SD