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    Sarah Pepper, PA to Guy Black of the Historic Aircraft Collection (HAC), reports that their Hawker Nimrod II (G-BURZ) completed its first post-restoration flight at Duxford on 16 November 2006. The uneventful flight lasted 20 minutes and the aircraft performed faultlessly.
    This original aircraft was discovered on a dump near Ashford, Kent, and is thought to have been damaged in extensive raids on nearby Lympne airfield where it was probably in use as an instructional airframe at the Fleet Air Arm Engineering School early in WW II.
    The restoration took some twelve years to complete and was described as challenging. The Nimrod II is a far more complex aircraft than the Nimrod I, an example of which (G-BWWK, exchanged with The Fighter Collection at Duxford for their Hurricane G-HURI)) was also restored by HAC's restoration arm, Retrotec Ltd.

Restored Hawker Nimrod Flies

    The Mk II differs mainly from the Mk I in having swept upper wings, an air-start system allowing off-base operation, and a more powerful Rolls-Royce Kestrel engine with a highly complex steam condensing cooling system.
    Many parts had to be remade at great expense, including 6.00 X 19 balloon tyres specially commissioned from Dunlop Aviation; this will benefit other Hawker biplane rebuilds.
    The Nimrod II will be appearing at airshows in 2007. To book contact HAC at
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