Newsletter 14
Autumn 2006
Updated on 20Oct2006
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Camm Headstone Restored
Thanks to the persistence of Mrs Brenda Bainbridge, secretary to Eric Rubython (Director & General Manager HAL and later HSAL, and retiring as Deputy Chief Executive BAe Aircraft Group) Sir Sydney's headstone, in St Mary's Church cemetery in Long Ditton, is once more in pristine condition. After discovering the grave to be in a neglected state, Brenda tracked down Sir Sydney's granddaughter, Elizabeth Dickson, to seek her permission to have restoration work done, it being necessary for surviving relatives to give such permission. Brenda also contacted a stonemason and the Hawker Association who were glad to fund the work. A full illustrated report appeared in the Surrey Comet.

Recent experience has shown that our Website is not a good medium for passing urgent information to Members and the Committee considers that a direct e-mail message would be better for those Members with this facility. The 'blind copy' procedure would be followed so that Members' e-mail addresses would not be broadcast. If you wish your e-mail address to be put on this proposed urgent message distribution list please e-mail your request to Richard Cannon at <webmaster@hawkerassociation.org.uk>.