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Eric Hayward recalls a personally significant day in Switzerland...From 1971 until 1977 I was seconded to act as liaison engineer between the Swiss Federal Aircraft Factory at Emmen and Hawker Siddeley/British Aerospace, Kingston. I had to travel frequently between Switzerland and the UK in that period when Hunters were being refurbished at Kingston and Dunsfold, transported by road to Emmen and reassembled there by the Factory's employees.
Initially I had no knowledge of the Swiss, or Swiss-German, language and so the day of my transfer to the new job was approached with some trepidation. Having been established in my own office at Emmen various people came in and tried on me what little English they knew (and it was not much) while I tried to understand them. The problem was that I did not know at that time whether the person who was trying so hard to converse with me was the Works Manager or a cleaner. However, as time went by the borders were slowly crossed and problems were discussed and solved in a strange English/Swiss/German hybrid language, with a lot of arm waving and pointing.
Hayward in Switzerland

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What was really my finest hour occurred when my phone rang one day about a year after I had first arrived at Emmen. I picked it up and the caller asked whether Mr Inecan was there. I replied "Sorry, but this is not now his office; if you would care to wait a moment I will give you his new telephone number," which I duly did. We said our good-byes and I put the phone down.

On reflection I stopped still when I realised that the whole conversation had been conducted in very correct Swiss-German and we had both understood each other perfectly. That was the point when I had crossed the hidden barrier. To me it was a very satisfying day. Of course there was an incredible amount more to learn to become totally fluent but I could now converse and understand; and more importantly, be understood - an achievement I will always remember.