Newsletter 8
Spring 2005
Updated on 13Mar2005

Published by the Hawker Association for the Members.
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Hawker Association Members - March 2005
Names only are given for legal reasons. If you wish to write to a Member put your letter in a plain stamped envelope and send it to the Editor who will forward it for you. If you know any 'Hawker' people who are not members, please tell them about the Association. Especially welcome are Production and Commercial people as they are under-represented at present

This list will be updated in each Newsletter. Please let the editor know if there are any spelling mistakes or incorrect first names.

We are sad to record the death of Reg Chester. Our sympathies go out to his relatives and friends.
Members will also be sad to hear that Charles Plantin died in November at the age of 92.

The following have been added since the September 2004 list:-

Mike Adams, Patricia Cosgrove, Ron Cosgrove, Liz Hargreaves, Simon Hargreaves, Jock Heron (A), Andrew Lawson, John Pearce, Clive Radley, they are shown in blue.