Newsletter 8
Spring 2005
Updated on 13Mar2005

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Giles Fendle is searching for information about his grandfather, William Charles Fendle who was born in 1903 and died circa 1970. He worked for Hawker Siddeley in Kingston and subsequently was a landlord of a public house. If anyone remembers William Fendle, knows what his job was or has any other information please contact Richard Cannon on 01932 786636 or e-mail or

The editor of 'Flight International' has allowed us to reproduce the following report from the House of Lords which appeared in 'Flight' on 16th July, 1954. (Contributed by Ralph Hooper).

"Lord Hawke mentioned a recent visit to Dunsfold where he had experienced at first hand the noise effect of engine testing of Hunters. It seemed to him that the noise was most intense at a position which he could best describe as being that of third man and long leg if the nose of the engine was facing the bowler. This analogy amused their Lordships vastly."