Newsletter 11
Winter 2005
Updated on 18Nov2005
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On August 1st HMS Invincible, the World's first purpose built V/STOL carrier, sailed quietly into Portsmouth for the last time, for decommissioning.

How time flies! I (Ed.) still have vivid memories of going with John Fozard in May 1977, to witness the launching of Invincible from No.3 berth, Vickers Shipyard, Barrow-in-Furness. It was my first close look at a modern warship out of the water and, as an aeronautical engineer, was mightily impressed by the massive scale and heavy construction.

John Farley took our Harrier two seater demonstrator, G-VTOL, to fly over the ship post launch on May 3rd, carrying commemorative covers organised by Trevor Jordan.

Afterwards a group of HSA Kingston people went to an excellent restaurant (the Miller Howe) overlooking Lake Windermere to celebrate the importance of this launching in the story of the Harrier.

Duxford new hanger and Concord

A full coach load of Members and their guests visited the Imperial War Museum at Duxford Aerodrome on September 7th.

We met in the car park of the Hawker Centre at Kingston and all who had booked set off on time, including our Chairman, Ambrose Barber, who had experienced a nerve-wracking traffic-ridden journey from Petersfield; he just made it!

Our excellent driver got us to Duxford speedily and smoothly so we were all ready to go on arrival.

Several Members started at the licenced cafe or restaurant for nourishment and a drink before spending the afternoon touring the five hangars. Not only were complete aircraft on display, but also projects under restoration could be examined and the enthusiastic staff questioned.

Blessed with good weather, we were also lucky to see a bright blue Spitfire fly in, specially painted for a forthcoming celebration in Malta, to where it will fly with a Hurricane.

This outstandingly enjoyable event was organised by Percy Collino who received a well deserved cheer on the way home. He is already working on next year's visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton