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Companies Qualifying for Hawker Association Membership updated 5Mar04

Those Companies, generally in the south east of England, springing from Sopwith Aviation founded by TOM Sopwith at Brooklands in 1912:

Sopwith Aviation Company (1912-14). Brooklands & Kingston.

Sopwith Aviation Company Ltd. (1914-20). Brooklands & Kingston.

HG Hawker Engineering Co. Ltd. (1920-33). Brooklands & Kingston.

Hawker Aircraft Ltd. (1933-63). Brooklands, Kingston, Langley, Dunsfold & Blackpool.

Hawker Blackburn Division of Hawker Siddeley Aviation Ltd. (1963-65). Kingston, Dunsfold & Hamble.

Hawker Siddeley Aviation Ltd (1965-77). Kingston, Dunsfold & Hamble.

Kingston-Brough Division of British Aerospace Aircraft Group (1977-84). Kingston, Dunsfold & Hamble.

Weybridge Division of British Aerospace PLC (1984-86). Kingston, Brooklands & Dunsfold

British Aerospace PLC Military Aircraft Division (1986-89). Kingston & Dunsfold.

British Aerospace (Military Aircraft) Ltd. (1989-92). Kingston & Dunsfold.

British Aerospace Defence Ltd., Military Aircraft Division (1992-97). Farnborough & Dunsfold.

British Aerospace Military Aircraft and Aerostructures (1997-2000 ). Farnborough & Dunsfold.

BAE Systems (2000- ), Farnborough.

In addition membership may, at the discretion of the Committee, also be granted to those people who share the interests and aims of the Association.