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Brooklands Museum Needs Volunteers - Chris Farara

If you would like to spend a few hours a week helping out at Brooklands Museum volunteers are needed in all areas, for example stewarding in the aviation or motoring exhibits, marshalling at events, maintenance of the facilities, manning the aircraft on display, helping with the concorde attraction etc, etc.

No particular skills are necessary except enthusiasm, and training will be provided. However, Hawker people will undoubtedly have knowledge and abilities ideally suited to this job - there are already several Kingston and Dunsfold people there.

I have been a Brooklands volunteer for 20 years and have thoroughly enjoyed the work and the comradeship and can unhesitatingly recommend that you give it a try.


Please call the Volunteers Resources Manager, John Silver, on 01932 857381 ext 242 who will explain what is available and the benefits, or e-mail him on offering your services.