Programme For 2021
Wednesday 12th May
Rowland White - ‘The 40th Anniversary of the Falklands War‘
Wednesday 9 June
Karl Smith - ‘The Evolution of Aviation; from Cayley to Concorde’.
Wednesday 14 July
Neville Lyons - ‘LEO, the First Commercial Computer’

The above will all be on Zoom. Richard Cannon will keep Members informed by e-mails providing links. If you know a Member without e-mail, please pass on Richard’s message by telephone and perhaps invite them to watch on your device.

     Rowland White is a well known author of a number of highly regarded aviation books including ‘Harrier 809‘, reviewed in NL.59.
     Karl Smith worked in Kingston’s Installations department.
     Neville Lyons is a member of the family that founded what became the Lyons conglomerate of restaurants, hotels and food manufacturers.