The AGM was held by Zoom on April 14th.
    The first item was Chairman Chris Roberts’s Report: In April 2019 I was preparing to report on another successful year for the Hawker Association and our usual programme of events, unaware of how much everything was about to change. As usual the Kingston venue had supported our talks, socials, the summer BBQ and another very enjoyable Christmas lunch. There was also the annual outing, which was to Surrey Satellite Technologies in Guildford.      Hawker Association Members continue to support Brooklands museum extensively and one of our main achievements was finalising the acquisition of and reassembly of G-HAWK; now on chocks next to G-VTOL. Brooklands has a great historical significance for Hawker and it is both a pleasure and privilege for our Members to be involved in preservation and cultural heritage activities at what is the world’s most significant and extensive display of Hawker aircraft.
    A review of a number of inputs from Members has been carried out, some changes have been made to the way we operate and the Hawker Association remains fully compliant with the constitution. One debate was whether to keep Membership numbers buoyant by attracting more non ex-company employees, and widening our activity subjects accordingly. However, we are not the U3a or the RAeS so we will continue to follow our heritage in all the ways we have been doing since the formation of the Association.

Annual General Meeting 2021

Toptop top
    Unfortunately our programme for last year was cancelled completely when the Covid pandemic extinguished our precious interactions with families, friends and colleagues. The social Tsunami rolled over us and kept us distanced. The Newsletter, considered to be a mainstay of the Hawker Association, was not affected and was more welcome given the circumstances. In November we started a monthly Zoom programme thanks to David Priddy and the Ashford Common Baptist Church. This not only bump-started a monthly meeting but has brought more members into contact with old colleagues and friends than had been the case at the Kingston YMCA in the past.
    Zoom is a two-edged sword but we will be looking at continuing with this medium as a means of improving the Association’s experience as we move forward out of lockdown. The debate will be to what degree Zoom should be embraced when all aspects of social distancing have ended, and what ‘getting back to normal’ means for the HA.                                                                                                                 The Secretary’s report was given by assistant secretary Dick Poole. He reported that  the Association now has 323 members of which 207 are fairly local to Kingston, 100 are distant and 16 are overseas. Sadly, since the last AGM in 2019 27 Members have died. However, there has been an upward trend in attendances at meetings and events which continued with the introduction of Zoom meetings during the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions, the Test Pilots’ Forum in February attracting over 50 Members.
    Our treasurer, Martin Pennell, reported a healthy end of 2020 balance of 2759.82, slightly up on the previous year. The accounts were approved by the meeting.
    The existing committee members, and chairman Chris Roberts, were re-elected and Dick Poole who had previously been co-opted was elected a full committee member. The Committee is now Ken Batstone (social events), Richard Cannon (webmaster), Chris Farara (newsletter and archive), Wilf Firth, David Hassard (Kingston Aviation Heritage Project), Barry Pegram (secretary), Martin Pennell (treasurer), Dick Poole, Frank Rainsborough (meetings and visits) and Paul Rash (Hunter XL623 restoration).

After the AGM our president, Colin Wilson, gave an illustrated talk on his life as an aviation artist. A report will appear in a later issue of the Newsletter.