Dunsfold Park

It was a sad day for Dunsfold and the local area when, despite huge pressure from opposing groups and residents, on 29th March 2018, the large scale development of Dunsfold Aerodrome was approved by the then Secretary of State, Savid Javid. Many Members will have worked at Dunsfold aerodrome and will be saddened that the site was not returned to agricultural use as had been the intention when the land was used during the war to build the aerodrome.

Aircraft News

Hurricane Mk IV  KZ321/CF-TPM/G-HURY has been sold by Vintage Wings (Blue under lined items are links to a web site) of Canada to a new owner in Belgium.

Hurricane XIIa P3700 will appear in a new film ‘Hurricane (Squadron 303)’ about Polish RAF squadrons in WW2, to be released next year

Typhoon RB396 restoration to flying condition by the Hawker Typhoon Restoration Group continues at Uckfield, Sussex. See their website for open-day dates and details of how to support this project.

Typhoon JP843 is also being restored to flying condition in British Columbia, Canada, by Typhoon Legacy Co Ltd. You can support this project via their website.

Typhoon MN235, on loan to the Canadian Air and Space Museum is returning to the RAF Museum.

Harrier. Jet Art Aviation is doing a roaring trade in ‘museum standard’ restored Harriers: GR3s XZ130 and XZ132, T2 XW269 and Sea Harrier FA2s ZD459, ZD580, ZD608, ZD615 and ZE691 are all listed as ‘sold’ on their website. ZD608 has gone to Greece and ZD615 to Canada.

Fly Harrier Ltd is planning to restore a Sea Harrier FA2 and a Harrier T8 to flying condition and will seek CAA approval to operate them in the UK. If any Members are inclined to assist in this latter endeavour please contact Peter Walker on 07725 554755 or; they have the aircraft and spares but there isn't a website yet.