Hawk History

Harry Fraser-Mitchell has DVDs of an expanded illustrated version of his Hawk history lecture to the RAeS available to Members for just 5. Call him on 01252 626996. The fruits of deep research into original archive material by Harry it covers, in considerable detail, all aspects of the project from initiation to today’s world-conquering advanced jet trainer. The Editor highly recommends this work.

Brooklands Museum Archive

Please remember that your Editor is in charge of the ‘Hawker’ archive at Brooklands. If you have or know of any material relating to Sopwith, Hawker, HSA or BAe he would be very pleased to give it a good home. Reports, photographs, correspondence, publications, drawings, press cuttings, magazines, programmes, artefacts etc, etc relating to all and any aspect of ‘Hawkers’ are very welcome. Please don’t throw anything away until you have asked me; one man’s rubbish is an archivist’s treasure!