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Archived News Items 2023

News Items that have been on the News page but are no longer current are generally transferred to an archive. As there are generally more announcements of Future event than News each have their own archive page from 2017.

Jet Man, Frank Whittle The Turbojet Pioneer and Genius Of The Jet Revolution; Full Documentary, I found this very interesting.

Until 19 February Duxford is holding a number of Hurricane events under the title – ‘The unsung hero of the Battle of Britain’. There are events on specific dates and a more general exhibition. Anyone interested in going is advised to check the Duxford website, before setting off, that no changes have been made to their events diary.

28 June Newsletter 66 Spring 2023, PDF is available online.

08 March  Although there wasn’t much snow it caused us a lot of problems. Our speaker and a number of the committee didn’t want to travel in the conditions. 20 emails later the committee meeting had been cancelled and David Hassard volunteered, at very short notice, to talk on “Thomas Sopwith and his Sopwith Aviation Company” that was new to us. It was very good with an audience of 18 on site and 25 Zoom. Many thanks to David for getting us out of a hole.   

05 March  The Hawk Trainer, Finland and Russia; story

11 January Chris Roberts gave a very interesting talk on the Hunter for Kingston huge project, volunteers have given 4000 hours working on it.