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Archived Future Event Items 2022


14 Septenber As the Annual visit has moved there will be a talk at YMCA Hawker. Tony Butler will talk on the building of Concorde at 14:00. The talk will also be on Zoom; members have been emailed a Zoom booking link. Since 1995 Tony has been a full-time aviation historian and author. He has written 40 major books, numerous titles in the Warpaint series of modeller’s books and several hundred articles for all of the important historical aviation magazines.

Friday 23 September The Hawker Association Annual Visit, to the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, (BDAC) full details have been e-mailed to members and it is fully subscribed.
includes special access to XX154, the first Hawk aircraft.  Details

Wednesday 10 August There will be a committee meeting at 11:00. There will not be a meeting in the afternoon

On Wednesday 13 July David Hassard will talk on “A picture is worth 10,000 words - exploring aviation drawings and paintings”. This talk explores the limited depiction of aviation in “fine art”, the development of airline and aviation industry advertising and poster styles, the richness of book and magazine illustrations, even, briefly, the irreplaceable value and scope of technical illustration. It finishes with a chronological romp through some of the speaker’s favourite paintings of aircraft of the 20th Century including, of course, some Sopwith and Hawker types. There will be a committee meeting at 11:00.

On Wednesday 08 June there will be the Summer BBQ at 12:15; note the earlier time. Book and pay Ken Batstone, by Saturday 4th June, details. There will NOT be a committee meeting at 11:00.

11 May  14:00 This month on-site audience only, no Zoom broadcast. Interesting videos provided by Chris Farara; the Harrier and the major involvement of Ralph Hooper Chief Engineer 30 minutes, the Kestrel Squadron 10 minutesl. There will be a committee meeting at 11:00.

Wednesday 13 April  The Annual General Meeting meeting will be at YMCA Hawker at 14:00 and by Zoom. It will be followed by a talk on the last “flight” of the First Hawk XX154, from Boscombe Down to the Old Sarum Boscombe Down Aviation Collection Museum, by Chris Hodson, son of Gordon Hodson the origanator and Project Director of the Hawk. There will be a committee meeting at 11:00.

Photo by ex-BAeK photographer, and HA

member, Geoffrey Lee.

 Wednesday 9 March Angela Bailey, the Daughter of Hawker test Pilot Frank Murphy, will talk on Frank’s life which she has researched. The meeting will be at YMCA Hawker at 14:00 and by Zoom.. There will be a committee meeting at 11:00.

12 January The January Committee meeting wiil be by Zoom at 11:00; for link see Chris Roberts email 5 January. There won’t be a talk at YMCA Hawker or by Zoom.

09 February at 14:00 Robin Trewinnard-Boyle will give an overview of UK involvement in F-35 Flight Test at NAS Patuxent River, MD, including First of Class Flying Trials on HMS Queen Elizabeth. The meeting will be at YMCA Hawker; unfortunately due to Covid the Zoom broadcast can’t take place. A recording should be available later on a YouTube unlisted channel.