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Archived News Items 2021

News Items that have been on the News page but are no longer current are generally transferred to an archive. As there are generally more announcements of Future event than News each have their own archive page from 2017.

26 November Newsletter 62 Winter 2021 PDF is available online.

27 August Newsletter 61 Autumn 2021 PDF is available online.

13 August Barry Pegram's funeral at St Martin's, Dorking, was at the same time a sad and joyous occasion. It was sad to have lost Barry but it was joyous because so many of his family, friends and colleagues came to celebrate his life. The large church was close to full and afterwards at the Burford Bridge Hotel a large number of the mourners enjoyed a good tea whilst remembering Barry's life.

09 May 40 members attended the extremely interesting Zoom talk by Rowland White on the Harrier 809 squadron and the Falkland war. A recording on YouTube is available to members.  

13 January 36 members ‘attended’ the very interesting virtual presentation by David Hassard using Zoom talking about the 1919 Great Trans-Atlantic Air Race won by Alcock and Brown in a Vickers Vimy.

22 May Commemoration Of The First Flight Of The Hawker P.1067 (Hunter) - At the last committee meeting, 12 May 2021, it was noted that the 20th July is the 70th anniversary of the first flight of the Hunter and it was suggested that the Hawker Association should mark this in some way. Amazingly the aircraft WB188 is displayed at the Tangmere Military Aircraft Museum and it was suggested that it could be the focal point for a July HA visit on the day.

WB188 was the first Hunter and was converted as the sole Mk3 for the successful attempt on the World’s Absolute Airspeed Record of 727.6 mph on 7th September 1953 piloted by Neville Duke. The museum also has an F Mk 5 on display.

15 May Newsletter 60 Summer 2021 PDF is available online.

12 March We are pleased to have provide our talks through the Internet using the Zoom platform since late 2020. Each of the speakers has given permission for their excellent and varied talks to be recorded and made available to the Membership, thereby making the Association accessible to our more distant Members. The videos are only available to those with the required links, details of which can be provided to Members on request.

Our current 'catalogue' is as follows:

The Fall of Icarus - Mike Pryce

Transatlantic Air Race - David Hassard

Tales of Test Pilots - hosted by Chris Roberts

The Royal Aero Club - Dick Poole

Harrier 809 and Falklands war - Rowland White

Aircraft Evolution, Caley to Concorde and beyond - Karl Smith

Questions about the YouTube videos may be directed to us through

26 January Richard Cannon has had his first Covid19 Vaccine jab; note on booking procedure and good experience.