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Archived Future Event Items 2020

Future Events that have been on the News page but are no longer current are generally transferred to an archive. As there are generally more announcements of Future event than News; each have their own archive page from 2017.

On Monday 7 December 18:00 there is a free Live Zoom Webinar organised by The Kew Society - “History of Heathrow Airport”. David Hassard received details and an invitation. The first flight was in 1946 and Chris Farara flew from there in 1947.

26 November at 14:00 Association member Michael Pryce, who gave a “Beyond the Harrier” talk on 9 November 2005 (story in Newsletter 12 Spring 2006), will deliver a Virtual talk using Zoom titled “Fall of Icarus: RAF policy and fighter design 1945-1949”. This subject is particularly relevant to Hawkers.

09 November Newsletter 58 Winter 2020 PDF is available online.

Unfortunately the AGM scheduled for Wednesday 8 April 2020 has had to be postponed due to Covid restrictions.

Wednesday 11 March Managing the closure of Kingston - Mike Frain. There will be a committee meeting in the morning.

12 February Bob Catterson will talk on Scenic highlihts from Travels in the US - Bob joined HSA Kingston in 1974 as a graduate apprentice and from 1976 worked on Harrier/Hawk mechanical systems. In 1980, he moved to the Boeing Co in the US and led the wing hydraulics design on the Boeing 757 and 737-300. He rejoined BAe in 1983 and retired in 2011 as Chief Systems Engineer and Project Director in Strategic Capability Solutions. There will be a committee meeting in the morning

On Wednesday 8 January Jill Hollingsworth will  present a Test Pilot collection. As a young girl Jill had a fascination with aircraft and the heroic pilots who tested them. Over many decades she was in correspondence with them and collated an unique collection of personal letters and signed photographs from the test pilots. There is a committee meeting in the morning.