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Archived Future Event Items 2019

Future Events that have been on the News page but are no longer current are generally transferred to an archive. As there are generally more announcements of Future event than News; each have their own archive page from 2017.

On Wednesday 12 December there is the Xmas lunch; details, MUST be booked by 3rd December. There is not a committee meeting in the morning.

On 13 November Steven Collier (Chief Pilot) will talk on the Navy Wings Heritage Flight (renamed from Royal Navy Historic Flight (RNHF)).

On 9October Tony Buttler will talk on Hawker non V/STOL jet projects. Tony is a well known aviation author with a special interest in British jet projects. There will be a committee meeting in the morning.

On Sunday 15 September there is a Claremont House Heritage Open Day and Hawker exhibition, Free entry to the historic Mansion, which was home to the Hawker design team during WW2, and Hawker exhibition.

Wed 11 September Princess flying boat DVD and DVD set about flying boats that features a section on the Princess (approx 7 mins). Also an Aeroplane magazine Database about the plane. These presentations should prove interesting so we look forward to members coming to meet their colleagues and learn, or be reminded of, these magnificent flying boats. There will be a committee meeting in the morning.

On Wednesday 4 September The Hawker Association visit this year is to Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd making your own travel arrangements to arrive by 12:50. SSTL is the world's leading small satellite company, delivering operational space missions for a range of applications including Earth observation, science, and communications. The company designs, manufactures and operates high performance satellites and ground systems for a fraction of the price normally associated with space missions. Based in Guildford's Surrey Research Park near the Royal Surrey Hospital, SSTL is an independent company within the Airbus Group. The trip will include a presentation on the history of the company and a brief insight into the future of the space business as SSTL sees it. This will be followed by a tour of the buildings, including the satellite control room and the facility where satellites are assembled. Fully booked and no spare places available. Those booking have been given directions; SSTL will ask for your passport number.  

14 August A formal talk isn’t scheduled for August. We are encouraging members to bring along items that reveal something of their hobbies and interests outside Hawkers; what’s been revealed in previous sessions has been fascinating, let’s have more! Frank Rainsborough will bring some posters that illustrate what he did in his competitive sailing days, and he’ll add some words as explanations and information. David Hassard has offered to bring along a few favourites from his collection of aviation books each entirely illustrated by a single artist/illustrator.  If you have a favourite illustrated aviation book or two do bring them along for all to see. Contributions on the day will be welcome. A PC and projector will be available for anyone to use.

On Wed 10 July Mick Mansell will talk on the JSF Story. There will be a committee meeting in the morning.

On Wed 12 June there will be the Summer BBQ at 12:30; note the earlier time. Book and pay the Hawker Association by Thursday 6th June essential, details. There will NOT be a committee meeting in the morning.

Wednesday 8 May It is with regret that we’re announcing Karl Wingett-Smith will not be giving his advertised talk ‘Aircraft Development’ this forthcoming Wednesday 8th May. Karl has suffered a medical condition which renders him unable to drive, at least temporarily.

In the meantime at 14:00 there will be a feature film “Angels One Five”. Synopsis: “The Battle of Britain as seen through the eyes of the operations room of a Kent fighter station during the summer of 1940. A young, inexperienced pilot has trouble settling into the routine of squadron life, and his adherence to the rule book puts him out of favour with his comrades. Can he win them round?”

 Karl offered to send his prepared slides and notes to us so that someone else could step in and give the talk, what he told us was ‘I've been refining my presentation to enable any one who may be daft enough to talk through the slide show. There are 37 slides in total and I've expanded my aides to enable anyone to read or paraphrase the dialogue’ Karl, thanks! But your Committee have decided that we would rather wait until Karl had recovered to the point when he could come to Kingston and give the talk himself.

On Wednesday 8 May Karl Wingett-Smith will talk on Aircraft Development. There will be a committee meeting in the morning. REPLACED

On Wednesday 10 April there is the Annual General Meeting; please support your Association. After the formal AGM business is completed videos will be shown. Membership renew form 2019 and Notice of AGM . There will be a committee meeting in the morning.

On Wednesday 13 March Ambrose Barber will talk on ”Fresh interests since retirement”. He looks forward to taking us, in the space of an hour, through five subjects that have been of particular interest to him in retirement. These will include sharing and operating a classic light aircraft, the humour and tribulations involved in running an award-winning Gilbert and Sullivan society and trying to trace his family-tree. He will also touch on writing for the stage and for anthologies of flying, and give us some insight on what he has learnt about sculpting. There will be a committee meeting in the morning.

On Wednesday 13 February there is a change to the published programme because Lt Cdr Chris Gotke latterly Commanding Officer of the RNHF (Royal Navy Historic Flight) is now posted to RNAS (Royal Naval Air Station) Culdrose. Our Chairman, Chris Roberts has kindly stepped in and will talk on “Pioneers in Aviation”. Most of you will know something about Chris’s glittering career in aviation, that he was a Hunter pilot, a Red Arrows Folland Gnat pilot, a Harrier QFI and QWI, a BAe/BAE Systems CTP and a civil commercial pilot.Chris has spoken to Hawker Association audiences on one or more of these career experiences and his talk on the Wednesday 13th February is a brief look at some of the men and women who made a lasting contribution during the course of the history of aviation. Inventors, scientists, administrators, engineers and pilots have all been involved, as have the dreamers who perhaps inspired the rest. In over 2500 years many paved the way for others to follow on the journey from kites to the Thunderbirds.

On Wednesday 9 January following the success in 2018 there is a special social meeting at the Hawker Centre at 14:00. The committee is asking members to share their hobbies and interests; details. There is a committee meeting in the morning.