Archived News Items 2005 updated 4Feb07

Items that have been on the News page but are no longer current are generally transferred to an archive.
    Over 60 members had a very enjoyable Xmas lunch on 14 December 2005.
    Christmas Lunch is on December 14 at 12:30 (NOTE earlier time). Phone Percy Collino on 020 8337 8143 and then send him a cheque for 15 payable to The Hawker Association as soon as possible. Seating is limited so again it will have to be a 'no partners' event. Details
    20Nov05 Newsletter 11 (Winter 2005) is available online.
   12Sep05 Newsletter 10 (Autumn 2005) is available online.
    On Wed 9 November
Michael Pryce will talk on ‘Beyond the Harrier, Kingston's Projected Harrier Successors   
    On Tue 25 October John Arthur is leading the BAES Retirement Association Walk 36 at Leith Hill and Coldharbour; all are invited. Details
On the 12th October Ralph Denning, for 20 years Chief Project Engineer at Bristol Engines/Rolls-Royce, gave a detailed account of the projects, wind tunnels and other facilities at LFA Volkenrode, near Brunswick.
    Ralph had himself been a member of the UK  Ministry of Aircraft Production evaluation team working in Germany in 1945-46 so Members were treated to a first-hand account.
     Over 60 Members attended this important, eye-opening lecture. It is clear that had the allies not overrun Germany when they did, the new jet aircraft and missile systems would have outclassed the fully developed, but obsolescent, allied armoury.  Chris Farara
   On Wed 14 September there will be a video and social gathering. There will be a committee meeting at 11:30 am.
    The organisation’s first coach trip, to the Duxford Imperial War Museum, on Wed 7 Sept was a great success. Percy Collino organised perfect weather, there was a full coach and there was much of interest.  
   A reminder for those going to Duxford on Wed 7 Sept;  Percy Collino needs your cheque for 15, payable to Hawker Association, at the meeting on 10 August, or sent to Percy (or Barry Pegram) to be received by 20 August at the latest.
    On Wed 10 August there will be a video and social gathering. There will be a committee meeting at 11:30 am.
    On Tue 19 July John Arthur is leading Walk 35 at Strood Green and Leigh; all are invited. Details
    On Wed 13 July Peter Boxer will be giving a talk “Once upon a Time I was a Regional Executive” There will be a committee meeting in the morning.
    9Jun05  Newsletter 9 (Summer 2005) is on line.
  The Summer BBQ on 8 June had ideal weather, story and pictures.  BBQ group menu.
    On Wed 11 May Cdr Tim Gedge will talk on the Sea Harrier, Introduction, Operation & Future. There will be a committee meeting at 11:30 am.
    Sea Harrier, Introduction, Operation & Future
On 11 May Cdr Tim Gedge RN Rtd gave a fascinating talk centred around the Sea Harrier.
He covered its introduction into service and the Falklands campaign, in both of which Tim was intimately involved in training, combat and command. He concluded by looking into the future of the Fleet Air Arm with GR9s and the JSF.
 After a lengthy question time with the informed audience, the vote of thanks was given by Duncan Simpson. Chris Farara
   The 2nd AGM will be on Saturday 23 April at 2.00pm. Notice of AGM and renew subscription form (9kb PDF).
    On Wed 13 April there will be a video and social gathering. There will be a committee meeting at 11:30 am.
    13 Mar Newsletter 8 (Spring 200) is on line.
    The Boxer Utility Aircraft and the Singapore Hunter
 On the 9th March David Lockspeiser told how he devised, managed and flew the flight test programme to clear the carriage of new weapons and equipment for the Singapore Air Force Hunters in-country.
He then went on to describe the design and development of his Boxer or Land Development aircraft, a light but adaptable transport of canard configuration. Regrettably its life was cut short by an arson attack! Chris Farara
    Reminiscences of a Salesman
On the 9th February John Parker entertained Members with his witty observations on the life of a Hawker salesman in South America, Africa, China, Morocco and Australia. He explained the many frustrations caused by unexpected events and inauspicious coincidences. Chris Farara
    8 February Free Hawker Stress Office Desk from Ken Causer details
    On Wed 12 January there will be a social gathering with an aviation quiz.
There will be a committee meeting at Barry Pegram’s house at 12:00 on Fri 14 January 05 instead of before the meeting